Alex Ziabko

Founder, Alex Ziabko has been involved in the entertainment space for over 10 years. Beginning his career in music by writing music, performing, touring and marketing/developing his own band, Alex speaks to musicians like one of their own. He found his niche within the business side of the industry and decided to take on artist management by discovering unique and talented artists, producers, and songwriters to guide, develop, brand, and help this vision come to life. Alex has spent two years at Milk & Honey Los Angeles (a management & creative company with 400 million records sold) as an artist manager, creative and A&R. He has expanded his experience by developing and working with brands and athletes on marketing opportunities in the entertainment space. 


The Company


1. To acquire or develop

A new kind of music management, creative, consulting company. Cultiv8 Los Angeles is a full service, bullshit free, management, creative company with disruptive yet unifying beliefs. Cultiv8 stays in the forefront of the industry by cultivating industry relationships, paving the way to huge accomplishments by securing both terrestrial and satellite radio placements, procuring record and publishing deals, and securing placements with both online and editorial publications.